In Loving Memory of  Flynn Thomas Fry

About Tribute 21 Fund

The Tribute 21 Fund, a component fund of the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region, is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to funding programs, raising awareness and providing support to those with Down Syndrome.

Through its fundraising efforts–specifically the Tribute 21 Gala, hosted by Erin and Brendan Fry in memory of their son, Flynn Thomas Fry–the Fund is able to provide support for local organizations and local groups in the DC Metro area. The Tribute 21 Fund has been able to provide funding to organizations doing fantastic work for our community.

About Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a result of an extra copy of the genetic material present on chromosome 21. It is the most frequently occurring chromosomal abnormality, with an incidence of approximately 1 of every 700 live births. For  more information on Down syndrome please visit the following sites:

About Flynn

Flynn was born with Down syndrome on November 8, 2009.  In just a short period of time Flynn taught us how to respect understand and appreciate all people with all different types of abilities.  “The value of a life, of a human, of a child is measured NOT by how much he or she can accomplish, but how much he or she can teach others about what really matters.”  Flynn taught us that care for those with special needs is not optional, but required!  We thank YOU for helping us keep Flynn’s spirit alive while we remain in faith, hope and love.  We have Faith that we will see Flynn again.  We hope that, with your help, we can change peoples perceptions and better the lives of those with special needs. And, we have an endless amount of love to persevere!